Solutions for Packaging logistics

  • Quality
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Production

Taking care of the fresh product is the key to the handling processes. Each stage must be prepared and ready for use.

At Geysen Robotics we apply our technical knowledge to ensure that the packaging logistics are perfectly adapted to the needs of the company, as well as to the quality requirements of each of the varieties of fruit and vegetables the company works with.

Sistema de célula robótica


  • Adaptable to any type of packaging and size.
  • Highly scalable and versatile
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy integration.
Technical information
  • FDA food conveyor belts, equipped with inner profiles for guidance.
  • Manufacture of stainless-steel sides.
  • Different speeds depending on the application, with the possibility of installing frequency converters.
  • PVC belt conveyors.
  • Modular belt conveyors (curves and linear).
  • Conical roller conveyors (curves).
  • Vertical conveyors for changes of level.
  • Chain conveyors.
  • Roller transfer.

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