Design, manufacture and installation of fruit and vegetable machinery.

Geysen Robotics, S.L. was born as a company focused on the manufacture and installation of fruit and vegetable machinery. Those were the times when an incipient auxiliary industry provided the necessary technology to modernise a sector that was emerging with great strength in the west of Almeria.

More than 30 years of innovation in the fruit and vegetable industry

Geysen Robotics, S.L. soon became a strategic partner for the main companies in the sector. Sustained and constant growth, based on two premises: innovation and customer trust as driving forces for change and progress.

The need of process automation and mechanisation and the demands of increasingly stringent food legislation in Europe inspired the creation of Geysen Robotics brand. A business initiative that has provided great technological solutions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of agricultural and food companies.

Tomatoes Crates
Line of crates

Advanced technological solutions for handling fruit and vegetables

Originally from Almeria, we have been able to expand our frontiers, managing to carry out projects throughout Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia.

Palletizing machines

Geysen Robotics is currently one of the main technological references in the fruit and vegetable handling sector in the south-east of Spain.

Packaging lines

We work to help our companies by providing them with the latest technological progress to make them more efficient and competitive.

Conveyor belt

New challenges arise every day and, like every day for over thirty years, at Geysen Robotics we have been committed to provide technical solutions that the sector demands of us. The future is already here. Now.

Geysen Tecnologícs

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